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Tickets bought at a kiosk are valid for all public transportation in Sofia besides the metro. The ticket must be validated by punching once you get on the bus/trolleybus/tram. Make sure you buy your ticket prior to getting on the bus or have exact change ready if you intend to buy a ticket from the driver, and punch in the designated direction.

Tickets can also be bought from vending machines on trolleybuses and trams (but not buses!). Tickets bought from the vending machines on the trolley/tram must not be punched. Make sure you have exact change (coins) if you want to use this option.


Sofia has a rather new metro in place (since 1998). The design of each station is modern, unique and themed to a specific topic. This makes Sofia Metro the method of transportation of choice for Sofia locals and visitors alike. The metro has its own ticketing system different from that for buses/trolleybuses/trams where tickets are bought from vending machines or cash desks prior to entering the metro station.


Hailing a taxi in the street, especially at night, can be unsafe as there are many unregulated taxi cabs charging excessive fares. It is always a good idea to check with your hotel or a local before you decide to take a taxi.

More detailed information you can find in our brochure ACL2013 Know Before You Go