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Bulgaria is a part of the EU, yet it is not a member of the Eurozone! This means that the main currency is BGN (Bulgarian Leva). Euro is also not accepted in shops, service providers and restaurants. Please, bear in mind that many shops and restaurants do not accept credit cards!

Bulgarian National Bank Exchange Rates

BGN 1.96BGN 1.50


The national language in Bulgaria is Bulgarian. The Bulgarian alphabet is Cyrillic, quite different from English. Below is a beginner's pronunciation guide to Bulgarian.

Ааlike a in bathПпlike p in power
Ббlike b in boatРрlike Spanish r (rolled)
Ввlike v in victoryСсlike s in supper
Ггlike g in greatТтlike t in tell
Ддlike d in dentУуlike oo in boot
Ееlike e in letФфlike f in fever
Жжlike s in measureХхlike h in hot
Ззlike z in zipperЦцlike ts in cats
Ииlike i in hitЧчlike ch in chat
Ййlike y in yesШшlike sh in cash
Ккlike c in coldЩщlike sht (sh + t)
Ллlike l in loveЪъlike ea in earnings
Ммlike m in motherьsoftens consonants before o
Ннlike n in neverЮюlike you in you
Ооlike a in ballЯяlike you in young

More detailed information you can find in our brochure ACL2013 Know Before You Go